Thank You All!

by M. Mileva on July 10, 2014, no comments

Last night I was once again reminded ‘Why?’. Receiving an example of how a true fan of mine surrounds his everyday life with an image I created that he adores, got me remembering past, reasons and goals. An artist life it’s not an easy one – high resonance feelings, situated view, and a bare soul.


For all the people who a while ago believed in me and those who didn’t,
For all the family and friends who have always been behind my back and those who couldn’t manage,
For all those who challenged me and those who will,
For all the fans and clients,
For all the time,
For all…


Yours sincerely, M

Paul Wright feat. Mariya Mileva

by M. Mileva on June 26, 2014, no comments

It is time to reveal the secret around my mysterious photoshoots around England - for the past year I have been working with one of my biggest inspirations – the artist Paul Wright. I got introduced to him and his work 4 years ago when I came to the UK. Since then we have been working a couple of times together on my personal projects - A Life in a Day and Sound of a Picture.

Paul Wright, 2012

Our new collaboration involves me photographing the private individuals who requested producing a painting by him for their collection. These pictures are predominantly portraits but also include a range of other subjects. It is an Honor to be chosen as, as he said, “someone I can trust” from one of the people I met and left a marvelous mark in my life. My job involves travelling to different cities, meeting a whole new range of contrasting people, professionals, art lovers, and nevertheless – true fans of Paul’s work.

Here is an example of one of the commissions:

The final…


…from my photograph


Of course, as an artist Paul has the freedom to mix and match details and position from the variety I supply in my photographs and his own imagination and perspective.

I am looking forward for the next result!