#Phonar Pitch [re-written]

by M. Mileva on December 5, 2012, no comments

In the first decades of the nineteenth century, painting with brushes has transformed into a painting with light. As time passed, photography shifted into another stage of its life, regenerating its own DNA.

Living in a mobile, multifunctional world, the media has become an “exercise”, practiced by everyone, one way or another – professional or amateur, consciously or not. Interested in artifacts and the marks we constantly leave behind, I started looking into photography’s predecessor – painting.

I went into a retrospective journey, investigating already well know painting-photography relationship to tell the story in a new, contemporary way, using a trans-media application. The story of collaboration between brush strokes and mechanical tools – a new way of experiencing painting; a reconnection with the roots.

Have you ever ask yourself, what the sound of a picture looks like?


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